Mir Sushi

  • Countries 1
  • Cities 4
  • Retail stores 12
  • Opening year 2004

About company

"Mir Sushi" is a chain of Japanese food delivery restaurants and its store production of signature cakes.

The brand's mission is always tasty, always fast, always high quality.

"Mir Sushi" protects what it has while improving it. Who Said Success Can't Be Measured? Today we calculate what we have achieved over the years.

Our 16 years of work in numbers:

  • more than 16 million made rolls
  • more than 5 million delivered orders
  • more than 300 thousand satisfied customers

Mir Sushi has been making sushi and rolls since 2004. It uses only the best ingredients from all over the world, only classic recipes, and no cheap substitutes.

Due to its firm position to quality in the Japanese cuisine market, the Mir Sushi chain owns the quality mark "100 of the best goods of Russia".

And to improve its professionalism, the network constantly participates in all kinds of competitions among catering establishments. And, as practice shows, it is always successful.

Any business is, first of all, people. That is why the chain of restaurants "Mir Sushi" carefully approaches the selection and training of its team. That is why each employee knows his job, works conscientiously and always with pleasure.

It is crucial for the Mir Sushi chain that its customers feel protected, thus all products undergo voluntary certification. The premises where dishes get ready are regularly checked for compliance with sanitary standards, and all production personnel have sanitary books.

Mir Sushi does its best to ensure that at every stage of interaction with its customers, their expectations are exceeded.

Because in Mir Sushi it is always tasty, always fast, always of high quality.