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About company

LEGION is a chain of new-generation cyber clubs with striking interior design, cozy surroundings and excellent customer service combined with powerful hardware and ergonomic peripherical devices. This is a gaming space decorated with artistic murals of legendary game characters, where huge screen and neon lighting create the feeling of full immersion into the virtual world. This is incredible combination and cyber drive.

LEGION offers spacious clubs with large fleet of gaming hardware. This is a perfect place to spend time alone or together with friends, family or significant other.

With our clubs, everyone has a chance to become a real cyber athlete, since we regularly host tournaments with prize pool.
Dive into the world of cyber sport and satisfy your craving for drive, victories and communication within the gaming community of players just as yourself. Make your way in the world of cyber sport!

We guarantee you the whole a bunch of wonderful impressions!

LEGION – a place you’ll recommend to your friends!