Mono Pizza

  • Countries 1
  • Cities 7
  • Retail stores 20
  • Opening year 2020

About company

Monopizza is a pizza chain that has changed the perception of pizza.

The brand's mission is to combine the principles of healthy eating and the speed of fast food.

The Monopizza puzzle: how can you order healthy food in fast-food restaurants?

It is possible and effortless!

"Monopizza" knows how much you love pizza and at the same time, look after your health and good shape. Therefore, we make only healthy pizza.

How do we do it? In line with the trend of healthy eating, the dough is prepared using craft whole grain flour. And the sourdough we use in our pizzas is yeast-free. When making pizza topping layers, we include only healthy products in the recipe every customer can view. That is how Monopizza turns out: delicious, like in a restaurant and affordable, like in fast food.

The second "Monopizza" riddle: how can a healthy pizza be prepared so quickly and delivered in 30 minutes?

And this is also possible!

It's all about the technological process. It is built in such a way that our masters can cook pizza in just 7 minutes. For this, the open kitchen of "Monopizza" has state-of-the-art equipment: a kneader, a pressure test, a special tester and hand rolling. Due to the fact that most of the work is done not by people, but by specially installed machines, Monopizza gains time for delivery.

Sometimes you don't have to go to the Louvre to enjoy a piece of art. It is enough to choose one of the items in the "Monopizza" menu and call us. Within 30 minutes, your "Monopizza" will be on your table.

Anyway, our chef considers his recipes to be masterpieces.