• Countries 1
  • Cities 18
  • Retail stores 26
  • Opening year 2019

About company

"Ploschadka" is a federal network of barbershops.

The brand's mission is to provide quality barbershops at the prices of a regular hairdresser.

The "Ploschadka" format is a barbershop within walking distance of the client. Here men who appreciate a quick, stylish and budget cut can get their haircuts.

Haircuts in 30 minutes without losing quality. He runs in, has his haircut done and runs away on his own business.

Hairstyles portraits are displayed on the walls of the barbershop. Now there is no need to explain in words how to cut. It is enough to choose from the existing ones and show them to the master.

For each client, we start a personal card, where the master writes down all the nuances of the haircut. Everything so the next time the client comes to the "Ploschadka" and simply say: "I want a haircut like that time!"

For the first time in the history of the industry, a free self-service zone was organized at each "Ploschadka". If the client is confident in his abilities, we allow him to trim his beard, have a haircut with a clipper or do styling. The self-service area has tips on what to do and how to do it.

In barbershops "Ploshchadka" is sterile, as in operating rooms. All instruments go through three stages of processing: running water, solution, ultraviolet light.

Did you come early? Have a cup of coffee, watch a sports broadcast - make yourself at home.

Guests are always welcome to the barbershop "Ploshchadka". Here they can meet and maintain any conversation in a friendly way. Here everyone is ours.

As in a real men's club, here you can not only get a haircut and have a good time but also get advice on hair care and buy the necessary shampoos or gels.

Signing up for a haircut is like snapping your fingers. A simple and convenient application will always show the free date and time.

"Ploschadka" - for those who value their time and money.