About company

X100 Vending was founded in 2019, when the company-designed exclusive vending machines first appeared on the Ukraine market. The company’s first and original business called “Mommy Cooked” was focused on selling ready-to-eat meals at business centers and offices through automated vending machines. In 2021, the company launched a new unique business of selling trendy children toys via vending machines called “Mommy, Please Buy”. Today, it operates over 40 locations at the top shopping mall in large Ukrainian cities, generating high income for investors and demonstrating transparent business model. The company is a part of X100 holding, which gives it enough momentum to quickly conquer not only Ukrainian, but also the global market. Its core goal is to manage 20 000 across the whole world by 2025. Thanks to in-depth analysis of the global vending market, implementation of advanced computer-assisted and IT technologies, the company is a confident leader on the Ukrainian market.