About company

FishMarket is a new format fish supermarket chain in Ukraine.

The brand's mission is to bring health through the culture of fish consumption.

The FishMarket assortment is built in such a way that customers can find everything for healthy meals for every day in one store.

The supermarket offers a wide selection of chilled products, which are only local fish with full cleaning. The processed fish on FishMarket shelves is 80% seasonal.

FishMarket uses only modern storage technologies. That is why the range of frozen fish is 90% represented by-products using individual freezing and technical glaze. Such freezing methods allow you to preserve all the nutritional properties of seafood and bring their nutritional value to ready-made meals.

Each of these positions includes dozens of items that are of the highest quality.

And in order not to get lost in the variety of “FishMarket” seafood, the special pride of the store is at the service of buyers - fish sommeliers.

They will help you choose the perfect option for your table and recommend the right spices, sauces and unique marinades, which can also be purchased at FishMarket.

In FishMarket supermarkets, customers will also find a department with a salad group, groceries and a bakery. And for those who want to free the evening from cooking dinner and enjoy ready-made seafood dishes, FishMarket has equipped a robotic sushi station in its stores.

Stylish interiors of sales areas and convenient displays of products have been created specifically to make customers as comfortable as possible to make purchases.

For customers who prefer to make purchases from the comfort of their home, there is a contact center and delivery.

When purchasing seafood in FishMarket supermarkets, customers always receive guaranteed product quality and exceptional service.

A loyalty program is provided for regular customers.

Fishmarket is your fish sommelier in the seafood market.