Sushi Gallery

  • Countries 1
  • Cities 5
  • Retail stores 7
  • Opening year 2004

About company

"Sushi Gallery" - a chain of restaurants delivering Japanese cuisine.

The brand's mission is to delight our customers with hot lunches and dinners so they have more time for family and relaxation.

Since 2004, the Sushi Gallery chain of restaurants has been offering delivery of fresh and hot Japanese dishes and more. The menu includes delicious sushi, rolls, hot pizza, excellent box noodles and more than 250 dishes of your choice.

Sushi Gallery masters prepare excellent breakfasts, lunches and dinners for home and office, for one person and a group.

The network is focused on delivery and large outlets. This makes production more efficient.

The basic principle of the Sushi Gallery chain is that hot dishes must remain hot. To do this, while delivering, couriers use special thermal bags and deliver orders always in 55 minutes. Is our courier late? Call us and we will make a gift for you.

Today, Sushi's Gallery dishes are among the leaders in the home region deliveries. Over the past 2020, the chain has delivered more than 180 thousand orders, rolled over 1,000,000 rolls. But the "Sushi Gallery" does not stop there and plans to develop new territories.

"Sushi Gallery" every day carries out up to 500 deliveries and strictly checks employees complying with all sanitary standards of the new era.

To make finding clients at home comfortable and safe, Sushi Gallery will wait for your orders as ever and continue to delight you with the delivery of delicious food.